Need help?

Do you need help setting up wallets, making first trades?

You’ve heard about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum; have seen the price rise exponentially (and fall dramatically), maybe even thought Bitcoin was dead, yet it keeps resurrecting; you wonder if it is too late to invest, but even if it is not you have no idea how to start. Let me help, it is not too late, this is just the beginning, a revolution in storing information, including currency and value.

My offer:

I’m available to help you registering on an exchange, setting up wallets and their security, and guiding you through your first buys and transactions. It can be quite daunting when faced with an exchange, and if you are wanting to invest in tokens (startup companies revolutioning our traditional systems), tokensales and the decentralized exchanges can be even more so.

My exchange for up to two hours:

  • R450 (EFT, cash or cryptocurrency of choice)
  • includes travel costs in PE area

Disclaimer: I don’t offer financial advice, only guidance in setting up. I’ve been following cryptocurrency development and blockchain innovation for a number of years, made my first investment in 2013. I’m confident that in just a few years the world transaction space is going look completely different. What email is compared to slow post, what cellphones have done for communication, so cryptocurrency is going to be compared to traditional financial systems.

To begin:

Register on one of the South African exchanges that accept Rands (ZAR):

It is fairly simple to register on these exchanges. Initially, you have to verify your email address and cellphone number, but for withdrawals and big amounts you need to be verified according to government regulations:

  • South African ID document
  • Proof of residential address
  • Proof of bank account (latest bank statement)

It normally takes 2 working days for this to be processed, but if the exchanges are busy it can take longer. Begin this process, if you like, it will allow us to spend more time on other aspects of cryptocurrency.

Exchange Sign Up Guides


I’m in the Port Elizabeth area, South Africa.

You can contact me on 0 8 2 – 7 7 1 8 6 3 7.