Make Friends with FOMO

Sitting at your computer, ready to trade, can be a highly charged, emotional event for a noob. Especially in the beginning. You have high expectations from yourself to make money. Everybody else is creaming the profits, why can’t you?! Well, have you fine-tuned your strategy by paper trading (pretend trading)? Chances are when you gawk Read More

Sleep is For Hodlers (No, Not At All)

It’s 4am. Should I go to sleep or wake up?! Well, it depends if I’m in bed or staring at my laptop screen, whether I’ve stayed up all night using my positive thinking to control the markets to recover my short position; or I’ve been lying awake since 1am, peaking at the dull-red digital display Read More

Confessions of a (Former) Crypto Hodler

All crypto hodlers must be a little seasick (my knees are weak, stomach queasy), or maybe they’re still puking over the railings, many possibly don’t have anything left in their stomachs. The bear market can be brutal to the eternal optimist hodler in the crypto revolution, especially those without any financial market savvy. The captain Read More

The Crypto Market Slump Continues

I’m hoping by writing this, the crypto market bull leaps into abundance. And yet, the cryptospace developers out there in the crypto world are quite relieved that they don’t have to keep interacting with speculators crying, “When lambo?”, “When moon?”. They can get busy with developing the platforms, increase security and work on scalability issues. Read More

Myths About Bitcoin

Myth 1. Cryptocurrencies are used by criminals and terrorist organizations because transactions are anonymous. Firstly, the US dollar has been used for decades for criminal and terrorist activities, yet it is still, barely, the reserve currency of the world. Bitcoin might be anonymous to a certain extent, but not completely. It is more traceable than Read More

If You’re Still Thinking About Buying Bitcoin, Register Now!

Yes, even if you’re not sure what Bitcoin is and you still need to do your own research, register now! In the good ol’ days, a couple of months back, it took about two days to be fully verified. These days it’s about five working days, and counting. Last month Coinbase received 100 000 new Read More